Porosity and why is it important?

what is porosity? 
Porosity is the hair strands capability of absorbing moisture. Having a low porosity can mean that your hair will dry out more quickly, finding it difficult to absorb moisturiser. Where as high porosity will mean that your hair finds it easier to absorb moisture but struggles to retain it.

Normal porosity?
Having a normal porosity means that your hair can easily accept moisturiser and retain it. People who have a normal porosity level may find it much easier to find products that work for them and achieve desirable results.


Conducting a Porosity Test?

“Place a strand of your own natural hair in to a bowl of water and observe for 5 minutes”

Low Porosity: The strand will sit at the surface level of the water.

Normal Porosity: The strand will fall mid  level.

High Porosity: The strand has dived deep to the bottom of the bowl.

When purchasing hair care products it is your responsibility to seek products that are  crafted to support your hairs porosity. I believe it is one of the most important factors to finding the right products.


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