The My hair is P+sitive Project

Hi everyone! Id like to start off by saying, Happy International Womens Month!

My name is Samrawit Alemseged, I am organic haircare formulation student. In June 2016 I discovered a new and profound love for my hair. Embracing its thickness, porosity structure & density. It has taken me almost three years to understand my hair, and its unique personality. As I continue to stand committed to enhancing my hair knowledge and enriching others too. I would like to share my vision with you.

What is the project about?

I created the My Hair is P+sitive project for women that carry curly/coily hair structures. It is to communicate in unity positive narratives regarding these hair types.

How did the idea come about?

There are many situations that go unheard-of, however after reading an article about Ruby Williams, a pupil that had been repeatedly sent home for her Afro hair because it was against against uniform policy.

I was sparked and urged to unite our community. I began by creating this project to encourage our women in to sharing their love for natural hair structures in a short video that would then go on to be used to create a short film to catalyse motivation and hope for young girls just like Ruby Williams.

How to be involved?

The poster will give directions as to how and where to submit a your entry video. The deadline will be for the 16th March and will include a giveaway product from organic/vegan hair & skin care brand Agor, in celebration of 4 years of providing quality products and International Womens month.

I am grateful for every woman that has stood in formation with us. For everyone that has communicated this project to others. We appreciate you, and we cannot wait to release the final video.

For more information 

Instagram: @curlconnoisseur

About the author: samrawit-alemseged

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