What is the LOC, LCO method? 🤔

LOC is short for Liquid Oil Cream method, and it’s a technique for moisturising hair, and ensuring your hair stays moisturised for longer by layering the products in a specific order. Your hair routine should consist of adding and retaining moisture to your hair and preventing the loss of moisture.

Your Liquid should be water or a water-based product, for hydrating the hair. The Oil is needed to seal in the moisture and finally a Cream product is used to prevent moisture loss by closing the hair cuticle.
So, what’s the LCO method then? It basically has to do with whether the oil or the butter comes first, in this case Liquid, Cream, Oil.

Depending on your hair porosity, one method may work better for you than the other, try both to see what your hair prefers best!

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