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By kendra / May 24, 2020

Can Rice Water Help Your Hair Grow?

Rice water has been trending for a few years now but since Lockdown Google searches are up 300% – people…

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By kendra / May 3, 2020

Best shampoo for dry afro hair

So I’ve been through more than my fair share of hairstyles, hair products and treatments.  Finding shampoo that can help…

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By kendra / April 16, 2020

Homemade Hair Mask for Dry Afro Hair

Try googling the title of this post and then come up with a definitive answer to this problem. There are…

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By kendra / April 5, 2020

Why is my afro hair dry and brittle?

Hello everyone! I had an issue with dry hair and it was killing me. So I did some research, read…

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By AbigailG / March 29, 2020

Cutting Off My Damaged Hair & the Aftermath

Hair trimming is something I never really did. The only time I would trim my ends was in the salon…

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By samrawit.alemseged / March 22, 2020

Porosity and why is it important?

what is porosity?  Porosity is the hair strands capability of absorbing moisture. Having a low porosity can mean that your…

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By samrawit.alemseged / March 9, 2020

The My hair is P+sitive Project

Hi everyone! Id like to start off by saying, Happy International Womens Month! My name is Samrawit Alemseged, I am…

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By AbigailG / March 1, 2020

Protective Styles

Protective Styles What is a Protective Style? A protective style is a style in which the end of your natural…

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By leonieldn / February 23, 2020

5 ways to reduce hair breakage

Breakage is unavoidable but can be minimised 🤸🏾‍♀️. A hair strand can break under tension, loosing some of the length…

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By AbigailG / February 16, 2020

Deep Conditioner/Hair Masks for Afro Curly Hair. What, Why, How and When?

Before I started my whole natural hair journey, I never knew what a deep conditioner or hair mask was. The…

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