Are you searching for “braids near me” or “best braids in London”? If you’re the queen of braided styles you’ve come to the right place! These protective styles can be worn whatever the season and still look fabulous. Box braids will always be the crown jewel of protective styles, cornrows are a classic, whilst knotless braids are the new kid on the block but already a favourite for many. Feed-in braids, Fulani braids and Crochet braids have been some of the biggest braided trends recently. Or why not go for lemonade braids inspired by the fabulous BeyoncΓ©? There are micro braids if you love a small and precise style, or even add a few gold cuffs to refresh your look effortlessly. Whichever braid length or colour you desire, our professional braiding hairstylists ensure there is a style for everyone!

A little note from us; be sure to pay attention to what your scalp is telling you to know when it’s time to remove your braids! If you begin to see product build-up, have some irritation, or any sort of damage to your hair, that is your cue.

Some styles


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