Hair Straightening

Are you yearning for the simple, sleek and extremely chic look that silky straight hair can give you? This look can be achieved for a week or two with a silk press. But if you’re looking for a longer lasting effect, keratin treatments (also known as Brazilian blowouts) or relaxers can last for up to 4 months before you need a touch-up.

Whatever your preference, there are many ways to obtain those gorgeous, smooth, shiny, and bouncy locks. Top Tip; wrapping your hair with a silk or satin scarf while you sleep can help your straightened hairstyle last longer!

Some styles

Silk Press Straightening Steam Press Hair Wash Cut Haircut Natural Afro Curly Black London Hairstylist Salon Beyondthebrush Book Near Me FroHub

Silk Press

Beyond The Brush Ldn By Monique
Relaxer Hair Straightening London Afro Hairdresser Black Hair Salon Near Me Jo Johnson FroHub


Jo Johnson

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