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  • Happy you found your way to Hair By Winta. I love to make you look amazing for whatever you got planned, I got you!  

Terms And Conditions

— PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING —         Any questions you might have, before booking, or once booking has been confirmed, please use ‘Contact’ on my profile page to send me a message.         Once the deposit for my services have been paid online, the remaining balance on the day can be paid either in cash or through bank transfer, and in the correct amount.         Please come with your hair clean, detangled and blow-dried as this will incur a £10 fee if it is not properly done.         The braiding hair is not included.    LATE FEE: Grace period of 10 minutes!   10-20 minutes late = £10 20-30 minutes late = £20 Over 30 minutes late = CANCELLED