Know How You’re Busting The Frizz

Know How You're Busting the Frizzy Hair

My hair is super curly and I love my fro but consequently it’s prone to breakage and severe weak points. Therefore, I always try to limit the frizziness as much as possible; ain’t nobody got time for that. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

How do I do this?  Keeping my hair and body hydrated as much as possible works in the main – so I drink plenty of water and stay healthy. However, this doesn’t work for everyone and friends use a multitude of different products that seem to help, and a lot of them contain keratin. πŸ€”

Keratin has been long touted as the miracle cure as it can fill the holes in hair follicles that arise from mistreatment from over styling, colouring, bad blow drying etc etc – yes we all do this!  But people, we need to be mindful of the origin of the keratin we are being sold as a large proportion of what’s available on shop shelves are derived from animal sources. There are products that use keratin made from human hair and this can present other ethical issues to do with fair trade. πŸ§

As much as possible when I feel the need to bust my frizz I try to keep to plant based treatments. This is down to individual preference but I believe we should all try to be aware of what we’re putting in our hair no matter what we choose to use; it’s easy to google when we shop! βŒ¨

Stay woke, stay beautiful and most importantly #frostaystrong πŸ’ͺ🏾🌸

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