The Ultimate Guide to Mermaid Braids: What Are They and How to Style Them

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We love having many different hairstyles to choose from and one of them are braids. The evolution of braids has been endless. The simple but popular knotless braids, has been evolved and created into many new styles such as goddess braids and boho braids. A new trending addition to the list are mermaid braids. In this post we’ll share the ins and outs about mermaid braids including what they are and different ways to style them.

What are Mermaid Braids?

Mermaid braids are a protective, low maintenance style created by braiding the top lengths of your hair and letting the rest flow into loose curly or straight strands. This style is similar to goddess braids. The trending hairstyle has also been seen by celebrities such as Hallie Bailey raising popularity to the style. Hallie Bailey’s main role in “The Little Mermaid” has also rose fame to the style.

If you're looking for a professional hairdresser to do your braids, you can find the best London braiders here.

How to Style Mermaid Braids?

We've curated 6 of our favourite ways that mermaid braids can be worn. Keep reading to find mermaid braids inspiration so you can wear your mermaid braids in various different styles all year round.

#1 Red Mermaid Braids

Red Mermaid Braids

(Source: analiahaircrush on Instagram)

#2 Dark Brown Mermaid Braids

Dark Brown Mermaid Braids

(Source: Pinterest)

#3 Dark Blonde Mermaid Braids

(Source: farhatsayeed_ on Instagram)

#4 Black Mermaid Braids

Black Mermaid Braids

(Source: keke_hairstylez on Instagram)

#5 Golden Blonde Mermaid Braids

Golden Blonde Mermaid Braids

(Source: Pinterest)

#6 Chestnut Brown Mermaid Braids

Chestnut Brown Mermaid Braids

(Source: analiahaircrush on Instagram)

Whether you go for the fun and playful look of coloured braids or the natural look of black or brown braids, mermaid braids are gorgeous and versatile for all year round. For more Black hair style inspiration, and how to's on Afro hair care, explore our Afro hair tutorials.

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