Stunning Festival Braids Ideas For Black Women

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Summer is here, which means it's festival braids season! We're ready to have fun in the sun, and our hair needs to match our vibe! In this post, we'll share various braid ideas to add that extra flair to your festival fashion. From classic box braids to intricate Fulani designs, these styles are sure to inspire and make you stand out in any crowd! If you are looking for a professional to help you bring your festival look to life, discover the top Afro hairdressers in London here.

Festival Braids Ideas

Jumbo Box BraidsΒ 

Jumbo Box BraidsΒ Jumbo Box BraidsΒ 

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Jumbo box braids are a timeless and versatile hairstyle. Add some colour or hair accessories to give them extra flair.

Braids With Hair Accessories

Braids With Hair AccessoriesBraids With Hair Accessories

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Incorporate hair accessories such as beads, cuffs, rings and tinsel into any braid style of your choice to add some bling and sparkle to your look.

Coloured Braids

Coloured BraidsColoured Braids

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You can't go wrong with a splash of colour for the summer. If you want to create a bold statement, play around with bright and vibrant colours or try out an ombre look. If you want a subtle look, experiment with brown shades and blonde mixes.

Fulani braids

Fulani braidsFulani braids

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Fulani braids are perfect for anyone looking for a style with a cultural touch and intricate designs. Add curls and hair accessories such as beads for a more boho look.

Boho Braids

Boho BraidsBoho Braids

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Boho braids are great for anyone wanting to give a relaxed and free-spirited vibe. The loose curls give the braids a gorgeous messy and undone look.

Braids Space Buns

Braids Space BunsBraids Space Buns

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Put your braids into space buns for a playful and youthful look. Decorate with glitter and tinsel to add some extra glam.

Fulani Braids With Crochet Curls

Fulani Braids With Crochet CurlsFulani Braids With Crochet Curls

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Fulani braids with crochet curls are a great choice if you want a hybrid style of rocking braids and natural curls. Try this style if you want a boho look.

The options are endless when it comes to festival hair. Take your favourite braid style and play with colours and accessories to add that festival flair to your hair. For more Black hairstyle inspiration, and how to's on Afro hair care, explore our Afro hair tutorials.

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