What Is A Brazilian Blow Dry?

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Brazilian blow drys have become well-known for their remarkable ability to eliminate frizz and transform hair. But you may be wondering, "What is a Brazilian blow dry?" Well, we'll get into all the ins and outs of Brazilian blow drys in this post, so sit tight. If you're looking for a professional hairdresser to do your Brazilian blow dry, you can find the top Afro hairdressers for curly blow-dry in London here.

What Are Brazilian Blow Drys?

A Brazilian blow dry, also known as a Brazilian blowout, is a hair straightening treatment designed to smooth your hair, reduce frizz, and make your hair more manageable for styling. The process involves a liquid keratin formula that bonds to your hair and creates a shield around each strand. This seals the cuticles, protecting them from external damage and removing frizz. This treatment leaves your hair hydrated, more resistant to heat styling, and with an intense shine.

How Long Do Brazilian Blow Drys Last?

Brazilian blow drys typically last around 12 weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair. It is recommended to use a shampoo without sulphates and chlorine for the treatment to last as long as possible. Once the treatment starts to wear off, your natural hair pattern will return.

What Are The Benefits of Brazilian Blow Drys?

A significant pro about Brazilian blow drys is that the treatment is customisable to your wants. The stylist can alter the treatment to deliver your hair goals. For example, whether you want to keep the natural texture of your hair but minimise the frizz or if you want your hair completely straight etc.

Brazilian Blow Drys vs. Keratin Treatment

Brazilian blow drys and keratin treatments are often confused as the same thing. It is important to note that Brazilian blow drys are a type of keratin treatment, but not all keratin treatments are Brazilian blow drys. Similar to Brazilian blow drys, keratin treatments also aim to de-frizz hair and reduce styling time. However, Brazilian blow drys provide a straighter finish, while keratin treatments result in a looser body wave. Additionally, there are some differences in aftercare. With a Brazilian blow dry, you can style your hair and follow your regular hair routine immediately, but with a keratin treatment, it is advised not to wash your hair or tie it up for four days.

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