7 ways to accessorise your box braids this summer

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7 ways to accessorise your box braids this summer

The history of box braids

Box braids are a form of protective hairstyle that is widely worn amongst the black community. As previously mentioned in the 20 trendy ways to style your box braids for Summer 2022, braided hairstyles have existed since 3500 bc. However, since then it has evolved and adapted with time and cultural changes. Today, box braids are a go-to style which allows one to accessorise and protect their natural hair. Though box braids can be left alone as they are, today they have become all about personalisation and making it your own. From the type of styles done like short, curly, or long box braids to the accessories that are added to the style. You can make box braids that fit you and what you like.

In the previous blog post, we looked at  20 trendy ways to style your box braids for Summer 2022. However, this post will be centred around 7 ways to accessorise your box braids. So, sit back and relax as we go through the many ways to achieve different looks you may want to go for!

Style 1 - Uniform beads

Short box braids with hair beads

Source: Pinterest

One of the easiest ways you can accessorise your box braids is to wear beads on the end of the hair. Though some may look at having uniform beads as a childish hairstyle (since many of us used to rock it back in the day), this hairstyle has come back in style! No need to feel like you can’t rock it because you definitely can. All you need to do is like it and wear it with confidence. You can either wear a few or wear many. Experiment with it and see what you prefer.

How do you add beads to the hairstyle?
  • Simply insert the beads through the hole of the beads and on the last bead pulled through, loop the hair up one of the beads and secure it with a rubber band.

Style 2 - Varied beads 

short box braids with beads

Source: Pinterest

Whatever, you want to call it, you can alternatively switch it up. So instead of your beads being all uniform and the same, you can select and add on different types of beads to create variation and individualisation. I love this option as it adds more character and individuality to the hairstyle.

How do you add beads to the hairstyle?

  • Same with the previous accessory, simply insert the beads through the hole of the beads and on the last bead pulled through, loop the hair up one of the beads and secure it with a rubber band.

Style 3 - Hair shells

Box braids with hair shells

Source: Pinterest

Accessorising your box braids doesn’t end here. Another way to spice things up is to add shells to your box braids. Unlike the other beaded accessories which have been around for quite a while, adding shells has become more popular in recent years. You either could add one to create an accent to the style or distribute it all over your hair to your taste. Whichever you choose, they always look nice.

How do you add shells to the hairstyle?
  • Depending on the hair shells you have, they may need to be inserted differently. Those that do not have hooks but holes may involve you having to apply them as the hair is being braided itself as that is the only way it will fit on the hair and lay flat. However, if there is a hook or a spiral coil you could expand, you can avoid the extra hassle of having to insert while the hair is being done and simply apply them at the end and remove them whenever need be. I love using shells as it adds more textured layers to the style.

Style 4 - Hair Strings

Hair strings on box braids

Source: Pinterest

I adore hair strings! The use of hair strings is great as unlike the others, they go down the length of the hair, adding diversity to the overall look of the hairstyle. The type of string used in particular does not matter though many opt for yarn or a bendable metal string.

How do you add strings to the hairstyle?

It is very easy to do as all you have to do is wrap your string around the braid from the top till it reaches the bottom of the hair.

Style 5 - Hair rings

Hair rings on box braids

Source: Pinterest

Like the others, hair rings are an additional accessory one could add to their hairstyle. A beautiful touch which can provide a more silver or golden edgy look to the overall style!

How do you add rings to the hairstyle?

As with some of the shells, to add the rings, you would have to apply them as the box braids are being braided. However, if you can find clip-on rings, these could be an easier alternative to having to do them in the process of braiding the hair.

Style 6 - Hair spirals

Hair spirals on box braids

Source: Pinterest

Hair spirals are quite similar to the hair strings, but they are of a harder material which you could stretch or leave as they are on the individual braids.

How do you add hair spirals to the hairstyle?

Simply insert your braid into the hair spiral and slide up to the desired position. You can leave it like this or extend the spiral to create a more elongated spiral. 

Style 7 - Hair cuffs

Hair cuffs on box braids

Source: Pinterest

Last but not least, we have my personal favourite - hair cuffs. I love to accessorise with these because they are super easy to attach to the hair which allowed me to wear them from time to time when growing up. Now in 2022, these are still my personal favourite as I just love how easily accessible they are and how they can go with any look I want.

How do you add hair cuffs to the hairstyle?

All that needs to be done is to open the cuff by manually separating them apart where the already existing open is. Once opened, attach it to whichever section of the box braid desired and then close the cuff to secure it. 

And there you have it! 7 different ways you can accessorise your box braids. To discover more inspiration for your next hairstyle, check out our other hair and beauty blog posts and find Afro hairdressers near you at FroHub.
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