Understanding Porosity: How To Keep 4c Hair Moisturised?

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We all love styling our hair, whether that's braids, locs, twists, or wigs. However, it's important to let your hair breathe from time to time. When styling your natural 4c hair, one of the most challenging yet critical factors to maintain is moisture. In this post, we'll share key tips on how to keep 4c hair moisturised, which is essential between protective styles and for anyone on their natural hair journey. If you're looking for a professional touch to spice up your hair, you can find a natural hairdresser here.

How To Keep 4c Hair Moisturised?

A key mistake that many people do is not using the right moisturising technique for their hair type.

Tip 1: figuring out what hair porosity you have

If you have low porosity hair, your hair will be more water resistant and moisture won’t be easily absorbed into your strands. If you have high porosity hair, your hair will easily absorb moisture into your strands but have difficulty in retaining that moisture. Below we have compiled a list of other factors to help determine your hair porosity.

Low Porosity:

  • Your hair strands are easily weighed down
  • Products sit on your hair and take longer to absorb
  • Your hair is more prone to buildup, products are slow to absorb into your hair
  • It takes longer for you hair to get completely wet and dry

High Porosity:

  • Your hair absorbs products quickly
  • Your hair easily becomes completely wet and dries quickly
  • Hair strands are more prone to breakage
  • Your hair looks or feels dry

Once you have identified your hair porosity, the next step is to use the right moisturising method accordingly.

Tip 2: using the right technique for your hair porosity

If you have high porosity hair you should use the LOC method. This stands for liquid, oil, cream. When the products are applied in this order the oil will help lock and hydration from the liquid. If you have low porosity hair you should use the LCO method. This stands for liquid, cream, oil. The products are better to be applied in this order as oil would be too heavy to get absorbed into your strands so it’s best to be used last.

Once you moisturise your hair the right way your hair will look and feel healthier and styling your hair will be more enjoyable. After you learn what moisturising technique is best for you, have fun and experiment with different looks and accessories and embrace those curls. For more Black hair style inspiration, and how to's on Afro hair care, explore our Afro hair tutorials.

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