Top Afro Hairdressers for Soft Locs

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Do you ever spend hours searching 'Where can I get soft locs near me?' Well, you wouldn't be the first one. Say goodbye to your struggles! If you're looking to get your hair done by a professional but you're wondering where to find the top Black hairdressers near me, we've got you. In this post, we've compiled a list of the top Afro hairdressers for soft locs in London so be sure to check them out.

Slayed By Ed

Soft LocsSoft Locs
Slayed By Ed is a home-based Afro hairdresser in South London bringing the salon experience in a cozy home environment. Besides soft locs, Slayed By Ed is experienced in crochet faux locs and braid styles including box braids, knotless braids and bohemian fulani braids.

Braiding Meraki

Soft Locs     Soft Locs
Braiding Meraki is a mobile Afro hairdresser based in Maidstone but also covers the London area. As well as soft locs, Braiding Meraki provides services for faux locs, Senegalese twists and various braid styles such as knotless braids, cornrows, stitch braids and fulani braids. She ensures every client has a therapeutic and relaxing session.

Lovely Braids UK

Soft Locs
Lovely Braids UK is a mobile Afro hairdresser so she will bring her services directly to your doorstep. Other than soft locs she specialises in butterfly locs and multiple braids and twists styles. She ensures every client feels pampered and satisfied.

A-FROyé Hair

Crochet Soft Locs

A-FROyé Hair is a mobile Afro hairdresser so don't worry about commuting. In addition to crochet soft locs, she offers various braids and twists services such as goddess braids, french curl braids, knotless braids, box braids, two-strand twists, passion twists and kinky twists.

Another similar style to soft locs is faux locs. Faux locs are just as stylish as soft locs and will have you feeling confident so be sure to try out faux locs too. Below are some top afro hairdressers for faux locs.

Victoria Hair Factory

Crochet Faux LocsCrochet Faux Locs

Victoria Hair Factory is a salon-based Afro hairdresser located in East London. In addition to crochet faux locs, she provides a range of other services for men and women. The services for women include braids, twists, locs, wigs, weaves, and hair straightening. The services for men include two-strand twists, stitch cornrows, dreadlocks maintenance and retwisting.

JoJo’s Braids

Faux Locs     Faux Locs

JoJo's Braids is a mobile Afro hairdresser so she will come to you. She provides services for faux locs, goddess braids, box braids and knotless braids.

Hair By Grace

Faux LocsCrochet Faux Locs

Hair By Grace is a salon-based Afro hairdresser located in West London. Her services include faux locs, crochet faux locs, a range of braid styles and hair straightening services.


Crochet Faux Locs

Chanteslayedd is a home-based Afro hairdresser in South London. Besides crochet faux locs, she provides services for knotless braids, stitch braids, passion twists and ponytail weaves.

If you know of a braider who should be included in this list, or if you're a skilled braider yourself, we invite you to join our community by listing your Afro hairdressing and braiding services here.

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