Top Crochet braids hairdressers in London

Top Crochet braids hairdressers in London

In the previous posts, I looked at the top wig hairdressers in London as well as the best Afro hairdressers in London for hairstyles such as knotless box braids, traditional box braids, twists, and faux locs. However, in this post, I will focus on a hairstyle that is gaining more popularity - crochet braids. This will include the top crochet braids hairdressers in London and have all you need to know about crochet braids!

What are crochet braids?

Crochet braids are a particular way of adding hair extensions to one’s hair. Unlike braids that involve intertwining your natural hair in a braid-like pattern with hair extensions, crochet braids may also include that but start with using a crochet needle to secure the hair extensions to the individual's hair. Nonetheless, some crochet hairstyles may allow you to avoid having to braid hair extensions completely. Keep reading to find out how!

Top Crochet Braids Hairdressers in London


Slayed by Ed is a home-based, Afro hairdresser in South East London. She has many years of braiding experience and an extroverted personality which will leave you feeling at ease. For more information regarding booking this Afro hairdresser, please check out their page

Faux Locs Crochet Individual Single Braids Cornrows SlayedbyEd Book London Afro Hairdresser Braider Near Me FroHub


The talented Hair By Grace is a West London salon-based hairdresser. Her passion for hair shows through her friendly and caring personality whilst doing your hair to a high and professional standard. For more information regarding booking this Afro hairdresser, please check out their page.

Crochet Braids Faux Locs Individual Single Cornrows HairByGrace Book Black Afro London Mobile Hairdresser Near Me Braider FroHub


Tamara's Hair Studio is an East London salon based hairdresser offering a range of Afro hair services. She’s a great hairdresser who will cater to your needs. For more information regarding booking this Afro hairdresser, please check out their page.

Crochet Hair Braids Weave Wig Natural Creativhairstyles Book Black Afro London Hairdresser FroHub


Mobile Afro hairdresser Lovely Braids UK, known for her friendly customer service, is one of the best hair braiders in London. Her braiding style is top-notch which will leave you wanting more. For more information regarding booking this Afro hairdresser, please check out their page.


Hair Braiding Meraki based in East London will offer you a “ therapeutic crowning experience” in London. With her aesthetically pleasing hairstyles, know you are in for a treat. For more information regarding booking this Afro hairdresser, please check out their page.

Soft Faux Locs Braids Braiding Meraki Book Black Afro London Hairdresser Salon Braider Near Me FroHub


Naturally Ameira is a home-based hairdresser in Sutton, South London who will put you in a cosy and relaxing environment to get your hair done. With a wide range of hairstyles to offer, you will not run out of options of hairstyles to do. For more information regarding booking this Afro hairdresser, please check out their page.

Crochet Braids Naturally Ameira Book London Afro Hair Salon Black Hairstylist Braider Near Me FroHub



North West London-based hairdresser Luemas Hair and Beauty has her salon in Edgware. She is a very friendly and welcoming lady who specialises in braiding styles, crochet, and hair extensions. For more information regarding booking this Afro hairdresser, please check out their page

Crochet Braids Luemas Book London Afro Hair Salon Braider FroHub

How are crochet braids achieved?

There are many ways to achieve the crochet braiding method. 

These may include: 

rubber band natural hair

Source: Pinterest

Rubber band method - This is where you use a rubber band to secure the roots of the hair. 


short braids

Source: Pinterest

Braided method - This is where you braid the roots of the hair down an inch to create a secure base.



Source: Pinterest

Cornrow method - Alternatively, if you are opting for a crochet hairstyle where you are not braiding the hair extensions, you are most likely going to opt for a cornrow method to crocheting your hair. This is where you cornrow your hair in a braiding pattern which allows you to achieve the crochet hairstyle of choice. Unlike this picture, make sure the ends are braided away so it is not revealed in the hairstyle. 

How do you use the crochet needle?

Crochet needle

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Cornrow method

Once a crochet method is chosen, you will need a crochet needle to crochet the hair extensions into your hair. I guess you could say this is what makes it the crochet method of hairstyling. If you decide to cornrow your hair, insert the crochet needle under the cornrow and attach the hair piece to the needle. Pull the needle back through with the hair to have it under the cornrow with the ends out on both sides. Form a secure knot at the base of the cornrow by looping the hair into a knot. In some cases the hair has a loop already provided, in other cases, you will have to create one. For any confusion, a simple search on YouTube should give you a visual representation. Repeat this all over the hair unless you decide to individually braid the front for a more natural look. 

Rubber band/ braided method

However, if you decide to choose the rubber band or braided method, most likely you are going to be braiding the hair extensions in with your hair. So how is this done? All you have to do is pass the crochet needle under the base of the hair (in this case the banded or plaited section of hair) and attach the hair extensions to the crochet needle with it being folded in half. Then, pull it back under the plait or rubber band enough to pull out one side of the hair. Once that is achieved you should have three sections which will allow you to braid.

You may decide to split your hair with the two parts and then twist if you are looking to get twists. Or, if you are looking to braid your hair down, join some of the hair extensions from the left and right sections of hair to create a middle section of hair which is mixed in with your hair. By the way, the latter is a great means to cheat your way into achieving knotless braids. Just make sure to choose the braided method rather than the rubber band method so it looks more seamless!

What are the benefits of doing crochet braids?

  • They are quick to do - Though it looks like a lot goes into achieving beautiful crochet braids, they are less time-consuming compared to regular box braids or other protective hairstyles.  They can even cut down a few hours in doing a hairstyle!
  • Less tension - Depending on the installation of the rubber bands or cornrows, crochet braids can potentially cause less tension on your hair and scalp leading to less breakage. This is great news for those looking for less manipulative hairstyles! 
  • They are easy to do - Unlike traditional box braids which require more technique, crochet braids are a lot easier and more beginner friendly. This is because traditional braids require a secure braid at the root to prevent the braids from sliding off. Crochet braids, however, make it easier as you can create that secure base by using a rubber band or braiding your hair down an inch. So, if you are new to doing your hair, crochet braids are a good place to start.

How do you remove crochet hair?

Lucky for you, they are incredibly easy to remove. If your installation process included cornrows, cut the added hair close to the knot at the base of the hair. Remember to leave some space to prevent cutting your hair and undo the loop. Do this for all the crochet hair till left with your cornrows which you will then remove.

If you chose the rubber band or braided method, unfortunately, you will have to spend some more time unbraiding to the root. To save time, cut some of the hair extensions where your hair is not included and unravel the rest.

What are the top tips when doing crochet braids?

  • As with any hairstyle, remember to take your time. You do not what to cause unnecessary extra manipulation or accidentally cut your hair because you are in a rush.
  • Make sure your cornrows are tailored toward the style you want to achieve. If they are too widely spaced, for example, expect your crochet braids to come out looking sparse. 
  • Do not band your hair too tightly or braid it too tightly. Remember, you still need to pass the needle through your hair. If it is done without considering that, you may be in for a tension-filled surprise. 
  • Experiment and have fun. There isn’t a strict guide to follow when doing crochet braids so experiment with different ways of achieving that hairstyle. Just remember to put your hair first and be patient!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post on crochet braids and learnt at least a little bit more about them.  If this blog post did it for you, why not check out our other hair and beauty blog posts and check out some of our top Afro hairdressers near you that do crochet braids?


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